Rusaila Bazlamit

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Rusaila Bazlamit is a digital and interactive designer and artist. She lectures in Architecture, Design, and Digital and Interactive Media. She has exhibited video-art projects, interactive installations and photography works in Jordan, Scotland, Lebanon, Egypt, UAE and Greece and presented a solo exhibition [Techno Me] in Amman, Jordan.

Rusaila runs an online atelier “Lab Tajribi | Experimental Expressions” which is a non-physical art atelier for experimental art and forms of expression. She also curated two major exhibitions in Australia. No Added Sugar was the culmination of a two year national art project with Australian Muslim women artists and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. As part of this project Rusaila also co-authored and produced the No Added Sugar publication. The exhibition won the ArtsHub People’s Choice Award for the category; contribution to the Australian community by a group, organization or company. Her second exhibition Symbiosis: Living Through Art, was a Community Partnerships Exhibition at the Australia Council for the Arts.

Rusaila has a B.Sc. Degree in Architecture form Jordan University, M.Sc. Degree in Design and Digital Media from University of Edinburgh and is currently completing her PhD in Design at Curtin University. Rusaila’s research interests are digital and interactive media, design activism, identity politics and media representations. In her PhD research she is investigating the potentials of digital interactive installations in carrying complex political narratives experientially and spatially. In specific, she is looking at the occupation of Palestine narratives. Rusaila is of Palestinian and Macedonian heritage. She is currently based in Perth, Australia.


Instagram: Rusailabazlamit

YouTube: superdevoika

Image credit: Rusaila Bazlamit, Awatani – My Homelands (2013)

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