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ACE Open, Adelaide. March – May 2018

Mushallah_Shireen Taweel

Image credit: Shireen Taweel, Mushallah (2017) detail. Photograph by Ben Williams.

We are all affected

Multicultural Eid Festival – Fairfield Showground, July 9, 2017

The Big Anxiety – Fairfield Museum and Gallery, September 21 – November 11, 2017

The Big Anxiety – Peacock Gallery, September 23 – November 11, 2017

Multicultural Eid Festival – Video documentation


We Are All Affected was commissioned for The Big Anxiety and this is Part 2 of a series of multifaceted exhibitions being held across Western Sydney. Part 1 was held at the Multicultural Eid Festival in Fairfield in July 2017; this was an experimental pop-up style exhibition designed to engage members of the community through an interactive experience with the artists and their works. What followed was an evolution of these works in response to the community. We Are All Affected spanned two venues, Fairfield City Museum & Gallery and Peacock Gallery & Auburn Studios where the artists share their creative interpretation of what is fast becoming a culturally specific form of anxiety.

Within the collection of works on display, which include photography, video installations, sculptures, ceramics and interactive/experimental practice, We Are All Affected essentially places these conversations into the heart of our community. With this timely and topical exhibition, there is a unique opportunity to follow these works as they evolved and later relocated to the gallery spaces of Auburn and Fairfield for part two of the exhibition series.

The communion of voice and the intimate nature of experiences related to anxiety, as shared through the contemporary practice of the artists, is both an act of vulnerability and affirmation; one which invokes a type of creative reflection or reclamation of the often negatively framed public conversations about Australian Muslims. With these often very personal and critical reflections, the artists and writers contributing to this exhibition hope to offer new ways of seeing and understanding through the universal language of the arts.

We are all affected catalogue September 2017



Installation images: Peacock Gallery, Auburn.

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